Friday, April 24, 2009

Matt Stafford is a Lion...

So the Lions agreed to a deal with Matt Stafford tonight...

...but not just any deal. The largest deal in the history of the draft.

The baseline of the deal is 6 years at $72 million. However, with incentives it could be worth as much as $78 million. The biggest part of the deal?? $41.7 million of it is guaranteed money. That's a lot. A LOT.

So I guess we're now going to see what this Lions team is all about. That's a lot of money to pay some guy that you say is going to sit the bench and learn the game for a while. But if they do it the right way, I think that this kid can be the guy that they can use as the face of the franchise. He's physically talented and he seems to make pretty good decisions. He also seems to be fairly immune to negative criticism.

We'll see though. I hope that they let him sit the bench for a while just to get a feel for the speed of the NFL game. Not many guys can do what Matt Ryan did last year, and I think Stafford is one that will need a while to adjust to the differences between the two different games. But if they let him sit for a while, he'll be alright.

Hell, with Calvin Johnson out there catching anything within 30 yards of him, how can he not be at least alright???

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