Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looking for a New Computer...

So Cathy has been really psyched ever since she read that Diablo 3 was finally being released...sometime in the future. She was a really big fan of Diablo 2 and when she heard about Diablo 3 decided that she would have to get a new computer when it got closer.

Well, I've read a bit and it seems that Diablo 3 will be running off of the same engine that World of Warcraft runs on right now, so basically, any PC that runs WoW well will run D3 pretty well. At least, that's what all the signs are pointing to.
So we've been looking a little bit at some of the newer computers that are out right now, trying to find a good buy on one. I think we've decided to go with a Dell, because we both have had good luck with Dell PCs in the past. We're basically right now just waiting on a really good deal on one.

We've found a few that would work, all of them being XPS computers. One is the XPS 430, one is the XPS 625, and one is the XPS 630. All of them would work pretty well, according to the specs that they have. The 430 obviously is the lowest end one, but it still seems to be a pretty darn good PC for gaming. It's specs show that it will run Crysis...and if it will run Crysis, it will run anything...ANYTHING.

The nice thing about the 430 is that for the same price as the 625, you get a 21.5" widescreen LCD monitor. Now, we have an LCD monitor right now, but it's nowhere near 21.5 inches, and it's not widescreen either.

But, the XPS 625 is really cool's got lots of awesome lights and stuff. And the case is just attractive!!!

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