Saturday, January 31, 2009

Epic Air Hockey Game Tonight!!!

So I got a few new pucks for the air hockey table the other day. They are a bit larger and quite a bit heavier. They really make the game more interesting, as they slide better AND faster than the pucks that came with the game.

Well, we played five REALLY good games tonight. I ended up getting the best of her...just barely...with a 10-8 win in the fifth game. Before that, we were tied two games to two.

Overall, they were some really close games. I think that we both agree that the new pucks really enhance the game quite a bit. Not only do they move faster, slide better, and go into the goals more consistently...they also don't fly off of the table quite as often which is really nice.

All in all, for $50, the air hockey table was a really good investment. For less than the price of a video game, we've already gotten more use out of it than many of the video games that I've spent that much on!!!

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