Thursday, January 22, 2009

Started Painting the Bedroom.

So I wasn't feeling well this morning. My stomach was turning all over the place. I just rested a while and felt a little better, so I figured I might as well tackle the starting of the painting in the master bedroom.

The paint went down pretty well. There are a few spots that I'm going to need to touch up a little bit, but nothing that a single brush and 10 minutes won't take care of.

I ended up getting a Wagner Paintmate. It's like a roller that has the paint in the handle and when you pull the trigger it squirts the paint into the roller, so you don't have to use paint trays and you don't have to bend over to get the roller covered in paint. As an added bonus, the thing didn't drip any paint anywhere, so it's really easy and clean to use.

On the downside, however, I found that the wallpaper that we were originally going to just leave up covering one of the walls in the room unfortunately will need to come down. As I was taping it off to make sure I didn't get any paint onto it I noticed that it wasn't even held up in many places. So that wallpaper will have to come down. No big deal, really, but it's going to be a bit more work than I had originally planned.

The trim is also going to be a bit of a pain to get painted. For whatever reason the color I got for the trim doesn't seem to want to stick to the trim at all. Probably because I'm painting over some glossy off-white type color, I would guess. I may try to sand it just a hair to see if that helps the paint to stick to it better.

But either way, the project is probably about 40% done in just one afternoon. Not bad. As soon as I get that room done, we can work on getting our stuff moved into there. Then I'll tackle that bathroom that's attached to that room. Shouldn't be too much trouble, especially since we're using the same color paint as the bedroom.

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alex said...

You should probably use some primer on that trim :-)