Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weather for Snowshoeing...

So the weather has finally cooperated a little bit for snowshoeing. Today it got warm enough out to actually start to slightly melt the snow. But then tonight it got cold enough again to freeze it all up again.

The result is a snow that is about an inch or so less than it was before, but that inch that it lost in depth has helped it become a more packed and wet snow.

From everything that I've discovered about snowshoeing, a wet packed snow is much better for traveling in than a dry powdery snow.

The outlook for the next few days calls for more and more sub-20 degree temperatures. What this means is that the snow won't stay "wet" per say, but it will stay packed...and probably even get more packed.

This means that this next week when I go out snowshoeing, I'll probably have a bit of an easier time with it because the snow will be "better" for the hiking in.

At least, that's the way I understand it.

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