Thursday, January 29, 2009


From now on, when I refer to a specific episode of "LOST" in this blog, I will appropriately title the entry with "LOST-episode name." This is the first such entry, the episode was titled "Jughead."

This episode focused primarily on Desmond, and what he has to do in order to get back to the island. In short, we are quickly seeing that ALL of the Oceanic Six are going to be in Los Angeles a the same time, which will surely be where they all realize that they have to go back to the island.

In this episode, we learned a few different things. One, Richard is much older than we initially were led to believe. Yes, we've seen him at the same age in the 70s as he is in 2005. Yes, we've seen him there when Locke was born. But now we've seen that he is clearly the leader of "The Others" in what is definitely the year 1954. We learn of a group of United States soldiers that The Others had to kill when they wouldn't leave the island peacefully. This leads us to believe that maybe Richard is MUCH older than we think...possibly going back hundreds of years, if not more, on this island. I've had a feeling for a few years now that we were going to learn that the island has a much deeper history than we have been shown. The presence of the slave trading ship The Black Rock, the 4 toed giant statue on the beach reminiscent of a statue of a Titan from Greek mythology, and various other things really make you believe that maybe the island has been trapping people for a long, LONG time.

We also learned that there was an atomic bomb that had been dropped on the island in 1954. The name of this bomb was "Jughead," and that is the title of the show. Daniel Faraday tricks Richard Alpert into believing that he is a scientist with the US Military and that he can disarm the bomb so that nobody gets hurt. Upon finding the bomb, Faraday realizes that it's leaking radiation, and it must be sealed with lead or concrete in order for them to stop the leak. He then suggests that they bury it, where one of The Others, a girl named "Ellie" asks why they should bury which Daniel responds by telling her the truth...that he is from the future and the island is fine in the future so if they bury it nothing will go wrong.

Meanwhile, back in 2008, Desmond is reacting to the memory he had and trying to find Daniel's mother at Oxford. When he gets there, the University seems to have no information that a Daniel Faraday ever worked there. Desmond eventually talks with someone at the university that tells him he doesn't blame them for not acknowledging Daniel "after what he did to that girl."

We are left near the end of the episode with a rather interesting bit of knowledge...the type of knowledge that "LOST" so frequently drops on viewers just when they feel that they aren't getting any new answers or information. We find that The Other that Sawyer and Locke had held captive...this guy here... someone that we all know and love very dearly in the "present" as far as the island is concerned. We see him usually as a bit older, however, maybe like this...
Yup, that's right. Tonight we got confirmation that Charles Widmore...the guy that wants to find the island and will seemingly do anything at all to do so...was once one of The Others on the island. He answered to Richard Alpert, and seemed to be about 18 years old or so. Maybe a bit less.

We are left at the end of the episode with Widmore giving Desmond the address of where Daniel Faraday's real mother is...and Penny telling Desmond that she'll go with him.

Interesting developments tonight, without a whole lot of new real questions...but of course not a whole lot of answers, either. The biggest tidbit is that of Charles Widmore and his past on the island. Which opens up another big question, why was Widmore sent off of the island, or why did he leave, and why does he want to get back there so desperately???

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