Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Found a Place to Snowshoe!!!

So today Cathy and I went to Knight's for dinner. On the way there, we passed the Cascades Park here in town. I noticed that the golf course had quite a few ski trails on it, and figured that it would be the perfect place to take the snowshoes to get a really good feel for them!!!

I will probably try to get there tomorrow to give them a try for a little while. It's supposed to get up to 26 today, which will be the warmest by about 10 degrees that it's been in days. So that should help the snow get a little bit more "packed" which will make the shoes work the best they can.

I still don't have my new facemask yet, so going out in the subzero temperatures is still a real adventure...but tomorrow should be perfect!!!

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