Friday, January 30, 2009

The New TV...

So I have been home from work sick...but a good thing happened today.

The new TV arrived via UPS. I got it all hooked up, and I like it...A LOT!!!! The screen is 6" larger diagonally...go figure, my 32" Sanyo was actually only a 31" screen. Don't really know how that occurs...but oh well, the Vizio is an actual 37".

The TV looks pretty sweet when it's off. It's got a nice fit and finish about it that looks really good. But when you turn it on, the 1080p screen really rocks!!!! It's got lots of nifty features, a TON of inputs, and so far has been everything that I could have hoped for.

I watched TV on it for a while today, and the HD stuff comes in about the same as before...maybe a bit better. My Sanyo was only 720p, so I'm sure that's where the difference is.

But I noticed a big difference when playing the Xbox 360. The game "Left 4 Dead" seemed almost broken when I first put it on the new TV. In areas where there wasn't much light, the black colors showed a bunch of specks of white over and over again. I messed with the TV settings and the Xbox settings for about 20 minutes before I remembered something..."Left 4 Dead" is presented like an old B zombie flick...and as such it has a setting for "film grain" built into the game. I went and adjusted this and realized that THIS is what I had been noticing in the dark areas!!! This was something that I had NEVER noticed on the old I can only assume it's partly because of the new graphic fidelity of the 1080p.

The Sanyo has been replaced in the living room, but not in my heart. It was one of the first major purchases that I ever made. It hasn't been retired, just the bedroom. Cathy and I are in the process of remodeling the master bedroom in the house (which you know if you've been reading the blog) and the Sanyo will find a home in there. Which will be perfect. It's a large enough TV that you don't feel like you have to strain your eyes to see the screen, and it will look EXCELLENT in the bedroom when the room is done!!!!

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