Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here's the Air Hockey Table

So I got the air hockey table built, and I've posted about it a few times...but I had never been able to find a good picture of what it looks like to show my readers. I could take a digital picture of it, but I'm afraid it wouldn't turn out very well due to the lighting and such in the basement.

So today I was browsing Ebay and I found an ad for one that had a good "stock" photo of the table. It appears that the "sale" at Sears on it actually was a sale, as I have found numerous reports of people paying $250+tax for the table...but I got it for $49.98+tax...a pretty good deal.
Cathy and I have played about 5 games on it. We have been pretty evenly matched, with me holding a 3-2 edge over her in games, but all but one of the games has been decided by less than 3 goals. The one that wasn't was the first game where Cathy smoked me like 10-5.

It's a nice table, though. It's built well, the fan in it works really well, the scoring mechanism works flawlessly. The only problem stems from the pucks sometimes getting stuck in the "nets" and not registering the goals. This could easily be remedied if we had a pen or something to get the puck to go all the way into the goal, but of course we never have one laying around when it happens and always forget to put one with the table.

After the first night of playing I read that to make the pucks slide faster you normally apply furniture polish. I have been doing that regularly, as I like air hockey that is fast and furious. So far I think it's working, as I notice the puck moving faster and more freely now than it was on that first day.

I look forward to getting the "office" downstairs cleaned all up so that we can set the table up in there and have an actual game room...

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