Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I got the game "Demigod" for the PC today. Man, I wish I'd have gotten it a while ago!!! It's really fun.

It's kind of like a hybrid real time strategy game. You control a single unit on the battlefield...but your character is quite a bit stronger than most of the other units and people on the field. That's because you're a Demigod that is fighting for the vacant seat amongst the real gods.

The control you have over this one character is just like you would have over any character or group of units in any other RTS...but you can ONLY control this one character. The rest of your army is controlled by the AI and they fight against the other army.

On the map there are certain control points that grant your army a boost based on whether or not you control them. Things like experience, money, cool down times, and just about everything are changed by the flags that are on the map and whether you have control over them or the other team does.

What's cool about controlling a particularly powerful character is the fact that you basically just walk all over the "normal" units in the game. My Demigod was basically just ripping right through the standard armies of the other team in the games I played tonight. Where the challenge comes in is when you start fighting agains the OTHER Demigods that are on the map...I was playing 2 vs 2 and one AI Demigod against two AI Demigods. In the first game I really got my butt kicked. I killed about 8 Demigods but died about 25 times. Not really very good, but luckily my team still won. But I really started picking it up at the end. Let's just say that I was like 2-22 before going 6-3 to finish the game. So I was starting to learn the game a bit and in the second game it really showed. I ended up going 35-3 in kills in that game and my team won decisively in about 25 minutes less time than the first game had taken.

I was playing as the character "Unclean Beast." He is one of eight different Demigods in the game. This is him right here:

Each different Demigod has different powers and abilities. Some are assassins and some are generals. Assassins tend to do their fighting themselves, where generals control minions and have an army of minions fight for them.

The game seems really fun, and I look forward to playing it quite a bit more. There is an online setup to the game that allows you to play with up to 10 people in matches, but I'm obviously not ready for that yet. Hopefully after I get a bit more used to the game and maybe a bit better I'll be able to jump online and enjoy some good matches!!

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