Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So the other evening I went through and renamed all of the videos from our trip to Las Vegas last fall. They had all been named just "Filexxxx" and things like that. So I named all of them based on what they were and where they were from.

It took me a good long time, seeing as there were a good couple gigabytes of video that needed to be taken care of.

But anyways, some of my favorite videos from the trip came from the Shark Reef Aquarium inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. It was a pretty nice aquarium and the viewing of the animals was excellent. It had one of those tubes that you walk through and the fish swim all around you and stuff...pretty cool.

I love the ocean, and I love sharks and other sea creatures. But living in Michigan means that I'm quite a ways from the sea, and as such I don't get to spend nearly as much time at the beach and in the ocean as I would like to. I would LOVE to be able to learn how to surf...to learn how to SCUBA dive (and have it not be in a murky lake here in Michigan)...to be able to go deep sea fishing...but sometimes aquariums are the best that I can do.

Here's one of the videos from inside the aquarium...I thought it came out pretty well!!

I guess the video is a bit too large to embed...it looks strange on the page...so check it out at the link!!!


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Doug said...

We went to a similar one at Myrtle Beach. These tunnels through the tanks are really cool!