Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Games Coming Out this Spring...

So there are a couple of games coming out or that just released that I plan on getting this spring.

First and foremost on my list is "Red Faction: Guerilla." I was a fan of the first two "Red Faction" games and this one is completely different. It's a 3rd person shooter, but it's got a's open world, like "Grand Theft Auto," and EVERYTHING in the game can be completely destroyed. Yup. EVERYTHING. If it's man made and it's in the game, you can destroy it with any of the vehicles or weapons. I actually played in the Beta on Xbox LIVE! a few months ago and was hooked on the game then...but the changes they've made to it make it seem even better. It comes out in the middle of June.
The other one is another game for the PC that I thought looked pretty cool. The reading some reviews suggested that it wasn't worth purchasing because it was "broken." That means that it doesn't work at all, not that it's a bad game, but that it has a glitch that makes it not work the way it's intended. Then I found out the glitch is fixed, and it looks like something I might be interested in. It's another RTS type of game...I find that really the only type of game that I like on the PC is the RTS...or the MMO, but I don't like paying monthly to play a game, so I don't do many MMO type that leaves the RTS. This one is called "Demigod" and instead of building a giant army and destroying your opponent (like in "Sins") you actually have a generic army constantly built by the AI for you. Instead of controlling them, you control a very powerful single hero, called a Demigod, and use that Demigod to destroy the opponents army and Demigods and to boost your own army. It's supposed to be a really good multiplayer game, but the single player looks pretty interesting to me, too. I think I might pick it up sometime in the next couple of weeks to give it a are supposed to be fast paced and can end quickly, which will be a stark contrast to "Sins of a Solar Empire."
I must admit that this will probably be the last PC game that I purchase for a while. It's actually Cathy's computer and I don't want to have too many things that I want to try and play on it. But it will really only be the third game that I have, so that's not that many. I also think that it will compliment my other strategy game by giving me something that doesn't take hours and hours to finish a map. I must also admit that one of the things that I like about the PC is the graphics...they simply blow me away. I know that my Xbox 360 has some amazing graphics, but they just don't seem to really compare. Granted, I haven't played many of the strategy type games on the Xbox, but man, these few that I have (and "Demigod" in particular) look simply amazing!!

There are some more games coming out later in the summer and this fall, of course, but I'll touch on those later!!

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Doug said...

Funny how you have spent literally hours playing games on her computer... ;-)

In the IT field we call it burning in. Just to make sure everything works right.

She is lucky to have such a caring person such as yourself to so thoughly check out her computer...