Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Figured Out What Happened with UPS...

So I called UPS tonight, after waiting until about 8 PM. The lady that I talked to tonight told me that the package had never been loaded on the truck for some reason. She said that her system showed it was supposed to be delivered today. When she called the warehouse that the package is at, they told her that their system said it was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday).

I'm not too upset about that mistake, I guess, but what does make me a bit irate is the fact that two other UPS people on the phone this afternoon told me that the package was out for delivery and I would have it tonight. So instead of doing anything at all today, I sat around the house and waited for a package to arrive that had never actually been loaded onto a truck. I also am a bit upset that I KNOW that I rescheduled the delivery for today, and not tomorrow. But oh well, I talked to the guy at the warehouse and asked if I could just get it set up for me to come pick the package up. He said I can. So tomorrow I will have to drive about 15 minutes to pick this package up.

This last mistake by UPS has been just the icing on the cake for this parts order. I won't be using that vendor for parts anymore. I will gladly pay an extra 10% or so for prices in order to get the things I order in an actual timely manner.

Oh well, I ended up making it to Home Depot to get the parts that I needed to mount the headlight. I got that on tonight, and I think the bike looks quite a bit better. Here's a quick picture of the front of it...keep in mind I haven't done any cleaning or body work yet...just replaced the fairing with the standard headlight.