Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally Decided on Some Saddlebags

So, after deliberating basically since I got the GS on what type of saddlebags to go with, I think I have finally decided on the model that I will be getting.

They are made by a company called "Timberwolf." I haven't been able to find ANY information about them here in the United States, but I have read a couple of positive reviews about the product from the United Kingdom. They also seem to be easily located for purchase on UK web sites. I found them on Ebay for a pretty good price. They are a good $30 less at least than all of the other brands that I have looked at so far.

They are large, too, and I think that the design of them will fit well with the GS. I don't think the GS is the type of bike that would look very normal with "sport" style saddlebags on it. The bike also doesn't really seem like it would be normal with Harley style "studded" saddlebags on it.

I'm not sure how easy they will be to put on and take off, but in reality more than likely I will leave them on 95% of the time, so I won't need to really worry about taking them off quickly. If it takes a couple of moments to get them off, that won't matter at all.

I'm still looking at a couple of other models, but I'm really only interested in them if I can manage to find a great deal on the (like I did on my Nelson Riggs bags last year) and if I can't then I'll be ordering these ones sometime in the next few years.

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