Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Last Part

So tomorrow I get to head to the Post Office to pick up the last part that I have ordered for the GS.

It's a handlebar. It's a bit more "sporty" of a handlebar than what is on the GS right now. It's called a "Daytona bend" and it was used on bikes that were used for racing back in the 70s.

It was supposed to be delivered last week but the mailman apparently couldn't find a secure spot to leave it, so I get to go pick it up tomorrow.

That's not that bad, it should be easy to get from them...much easier than my experience with UPS last week.

Now that the parts are all here, now all I need to do is get the weather up around 60 so that I can get out in the garage and do the work.

I figure once I get the tank off the carb cleaning and rebuild will be a one day job, and the oil seals will be a one day job. Then the painting of the tank and the other hard parts on the bike will be another day job. I figure that once it gets nice enough outside, I should have the whole thing done in about 3 whole days...then I can get it out on the road!!!

I've been slowly working at getting the tank prepped for it's paint. I got the body filler done on the dents, I've pulled the emblems off of it, and I've sanded quite a bit of it down.

Here's a picture of what the Daytona Bars look like.

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