Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Parts and Some Work on the GS...

So I got one more of my orders of parts today. Oddly enough, UPS still says the other package will be here today. I find that odd considering it's currently about 6:15 PM. But they say it's supposed to be here.

I find it amazing that the parts were both on the UPS truck on Friday, yet somehow today they are on two different trucks. Oh well, hopefully they will be here today.

But after the first order of parts came, I decided to go out and start trying to get the Vetter fairing off of the bike. Man, what a pain in the butt that was!!! It was insanely difficult to get the bracket that actually held the fairing on taken off of the bike. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible it must have been to try to put the fairing ON the bike.

But I eventually got the fairing off. I then took the opportunity to put the new headlight mounting brackets on the bike. I was planning on putting the headlight itself on the bike, but I need to be able to go and get a couple of large washers and a few nuts and bolts in order to put it on...and I can't very well do that until the UPS guy gets here because the package is signature required and he won't leave it unless I sign for it.

So basically right now I'm just sitting here waiting for the parts to show up so that I can go buy a few more parts so that I can put some of the parts that I do have right now on the bike...phew, that's a lot of uses of the word "parts" in that sentence!!!!

The good thing is, after this order arrives today I'll only be waiting on a couple of things. New handlebars and grips, a fuel selection petcock, and an o-ring for the starter. Then I will have literally all of the things that I need to get the bike up and running.

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