Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shift Bid

So the shift bid is well underway, despite some setbacks by people calling in sick and things like that.

It's looking like Cathy and I got the days off that we wanted, so we'll be working on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. That works out pretty well for us, as we only have two week days to work. That's nice for us because with the drive, and the new start time, we will probably have to be leaving while planning for an even longer drive due to the fact that traffic will be quite a bit heavier at that time of day. But on the weekends I imagine it won't be quite as bad as during the week, so that works.

We also get to work Sundays which will net us the extra money, which will be even more now because we'll be getting 20 hours of holiday pay instead of 16 hours. That's equivalent to one extra hour of pay every pay period because of the 25% shift premium on Sundays. That should pretty much make up for the premium we're losing by not working as late in the evening.

I'm just glad we got the days that we wanted.

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