Sunday, March 22, 2009

Got the Seat On...

So I reupholstered the seat on the GS tonight.

It went MUCH easier than I thought it would. I guess the only thing that I really had to use to judge it by was the horrible time that I spent trying to cover the seat on the Ninja. I guess I should have thought it would be different, seeing as the seats are different in several ways.

First off, the GS seat is relatively flat. The Ninja seat had a big "scoop" where you actually sit. It came up quite a bit at the tank and at the back, and the actual saddle part was probably about 3 or 4 inches deeper than the ends. That made getting it flat in the center was MUCH more difficult than it would be on a flat seat.

Second, the Ninja's seat pan is made out of plastic, where the GS seat pan is made out of metal. The Ninja had to have the vinyl stretched and then stapled. The GS had the vinyl nearly cut to size. Very little stretching was required. Then, since it was metal it was held in place by some clips on the bottom of the seat.

All around, it was MUCH easier than the Ninja's seat was. The best part is when it gets warm out if it starts to show any wrinkles it will be easy to remove the cover again and put it back on. But for now it seems like it's on there pretty good and I don't think I'll be needing to mess with it anymore.

Now that I've got it on there, though, I really feel like doing the rest of the work on the bike. Hopefully this Wednesday I'll be able to get started working on some of the things. The parts should all be here and I should have most of the work around the house done so I MAY be able to actually start working on the GS for real. Which might mean I might actually get it on the road by the middle of April!!!

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