Monday, March 16, 2009

Shift Bid Tomorrow...

So tomorrow when we get to work we should pretty much know what days off we're going to have for the next six months.

The four girls that are in front of Cathy all should be there before we get there, and I'm guessing that they will probably have them bid as soon as they can talk to them, meaning that we'll be able to ask them what they are bidding on as soon as we get in and have a fairly good idea as to whether or not we'll get the days off that we are trying to get.

We are trying to get a shift that has Monday, Tuesday, and Friday off. That way we'll only work two days straight and we'll still get to work Sunday. Sunday work pays an extra 25% per hour of work, so working on Sunday is pretty important to us.

If for whatever reason we don't end up getting those days off, we will probably end up taking Sunday off and going for the Sunday, Monday, and Thursday days off. The other option is one we really don't like, because it has all three days off in a row which means we'd have to work four days straight at 10 hours per day, which we're not really interested in doing.

We shall see tomorrow though...

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