Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still No Parts...

So I got an e-mail from the place I ordered all my parts from. He said they were shipping out Tuesday and that I'd get a tracking number that day. Of course that didn't happen. They may have shipped out, but I definitely didn't get a tracking number.

I guess I've decided that I will wait until my next days off...if I don't have any parts by Tuesday I'm going to be calling and canceling the order. I am very seriously tired of waiting for these people, and I will NOT be using this supplier again. I would rather pay 10-15% higher prices and receive products in a timely fashion than ever deal with this company again.

In some other news, I found the stuff that I want to paint the bike with at a local department store. Best part?? It's about $40 less than what it costs at all the other places I've found it. So instead of spending $100 on paint stuff, I'll only be spending $54. That's pretty cool. I'm glad that I went back there and checked it out when I was in the store.

I also got started on prepping the tank for the body work. I got some of the paint stripped off and threw down some primer. I'll probably take the tank off and sand it completely down over my next days off so that I can get started on the body filler and then get the paint thrown down soon after that. Seeing as I'm using the truck bed liner as paint, getting the tank sanded down to bare metal won't be necessary at all. I'll really only have to scuff the paint up a bit and then lay the liner down, and that should give me a really good finish.

Hopefully I'll have some parts arrive this week, so that next weekend I can spend some time maybe trying to put them on.

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