Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA Tournament...

So Cathy and I got in on her brother's pool that he tried to set up just a few days before the tourney began.

He actually did pretty well, as there are 19 people that ended up in the pool. Cathy has never done a pool before, and she doesn't really know much about college hoops...but she's gotten really into it.

We're doing pretty well. Right now we're in 3rd place, but we have the 2nd highest "possible points" right now. We went 26-6 in the first round, which isn't bad, considering I tried to pick a couple of upsets and they didn't pan out. We've only lost one team from our potential Sweet Sixteen, and no teams from anything deeper than that.

She really wants to win, and I hope we do to. We're not doing too bad at all right now, so we'll see.

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