Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vetter Fairing...

So I have made a decision regarding the Vetter fairing that's on the Suzuki.

To get it completely back to what it's supposed to look like, the following parts are going to have to be purchased:
1. Windshield, Nuts/Bolts, Vents-$140 with shipping
2. Foam Windshield Strip-$30 with shipping
3. Chrome Trim-$60 with shipping
4. Headlight-$20
5. Stereo-$100 or so
6. Speakers-$100 or so

So that's a total of $450 to get the fairing back to a condition where I can paint the paint will also be extra. This is also considering the fact that there isn't anything wrong with the blinkers and other lights that are on it. So basically, it's going to cost nearly $500 to get the fairing back to the point that I would want it.

Quite simply, that's way too much money. Way, way, way too much money.

So I have decided that I am in fact going to take the fairing off. It's simply the most economical thing to do. I will get a set of 37mm fork ears and a headlight and mount that on the bike and it will be ready for the road. The ears are $15 shipped and the headlight is about $30. So that's $45...or 10% of the price of the fairing.

There are several good points to this. First off, I don't particularly like the way the fairing looks, so that will be taken care of. Secondly, the actual mounting brackets for the fairing are pretty hard to find and should easily sell for about $100 or so, so after buying the new light and then selling the bracket, I'll actually be on top by $50 or so.

These are the brackets that I would LIKE to get. They are a bit more expensive than $15, but might be worth it considering how nice they look.
And this is the headlight setup that I am currently looking at. I generally like round headlights, but for some reason this one just looks really cool to me. I think it would flow with the way the bike looks pretty well for some reason.

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