Thursday, March 19, 2009


So today before I left for work the mail man brought several packages for me.

In one was my super-awesome "Master Chief" sweatshirt. But there were two more, also.

In one are (I assume) my headlight and brackets. I say I assume because I didn't have time to actually open the packages, but Cathy said it came from "FlyNCycle" which is the place I got my light kit from.

In the other are the turn signals I ordered last week. I also didn't open that one because I didn't have time.

I also finally got the tracking number for the package that I ordered a few weeks ago from UPS. It appears that it will show up tomorrow, but unfortunately it's a package that requires a signature, and I won't be there to sign for it, so I imagine that I won't actually be able to pick the package up until next Tuesday.

At least things are finally starting to show up. Hopefully the other package will ship soon, then I might actually be able to get this bike on the road before the middle of April!!!

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